Friday, September 19, 2008

Fuck You, Tom Cruise.

I think Tom Cruise is a real douche. And its too bad cause Katie Holmes is really cute and Top Gun was a sweet movie, but they are now both tainted by Tom Cruises's douchery. Do you think he sucked so bad when he was a little kid? Do you think his mom ever watched him playing in the playground, forcing the other kids to watch him go down the slide or some shit, and thought, "wow, my little boy Tom is a real douche." I bet she must have really regretted growing him in utero for nine months on that day. Do you guys think that TC realizes that he is, in fact, a total douche, or do you think he just walks around saying "god, I am so fucking cool, everybody loves me and I am so totally not a douche." Remember that movie called "The Gift" where Katie Holmes showed her boobs? That part of that movie was really cool cause I had never seen Katie Holmes's boobs before and they looked pretty sweet.
If I was an actress, I would totally show my boobs in the first movie I was in cause then if I had to show them in some other movie, it wouldn't be that big a deal cause people would have already know what they look like. Also, then when I had a boring scene in a movie people could just think back and picture in their minds how my boobs looked. That would probably totally save that movie from sucking.

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