Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pirate Spokesman

So I was just reading this article and it made me think some things: "3 Pirates Believed Dead in Shootout."  The first thing that struck me was "three pirates are believed dead, a U.S. defense official said Tuesday. The pirates denied the report."  Since when do pirates talk to the press?  Then, I stumbled upon a potential line of work that I had never even known was a possibility before: "But the pirate spokesman insisted the report was not true."  Pirate spokesman?  How do you think they found this guy?  Craigslist?  "Do you have good communication skills, a nack for conveying the ideas of a group as a whole, and are you ok with rape, pillage and murder?"  Maybe they were sitting around  and somebody was like "Didn't Cappin' Grey Bread's cousin Phil just get a communication's degree from that online college?  Yarrg, He'd be perrrrfect."  Or maybe they promoted from with in, maybe one day the captain said "Yaarrrg, Peg Leg Pete, you never shut up, so you are going to be our new pirate spokesman, says I."  Being a pirate spokesman would probably be a pretty cool job cause you probably wouldn't have to  swash buckle as much as the other guys, but I bet you would still get a pretty good share of the booty and the pirate hookers.  If I could be a spy or a pirate spokesman I think I would still go for spy cause the chicks that you would land as a spy are definitely was hotter than the dirty pirate hookers you would bang as a pirate spokesman.  Also, sometimes I get sea sick.  

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Lyle Gorch said...


The only kind of Pirate you could is a BUTT Pirate!

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