Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Oh man, have you guys seen this movie Tropic Thunder?  Holy crap is that shit funny.  I cried a couple times cause I was laughing so hard.  That Robert Downey Jr really tears shit up.  And can Tom Cruise do funny?  Oh shit yeah Tom Cruise can do funny.  He is funny as fuck.  What an amazing actor!  He can act so good that if they made a movie called "Tom Cruise is God" and Tom Cruise played the part of Tom Cruise as God, Tom Cruise would actually become God in real fucking life!  All hail Tom Cruise, our new benevolent over lord!

Dear Tom Cruise,
Hey man, whats up?  So I wrote some shit about you a few days back, yeah you probably remeber, and yeah, it was kinda mean.  See, I totally forgot about how hard you rocked in Tropic Thunder, that shit was mint.  So anyway, sorry and all, and I think your wife has real sweet boobs.
Your friend till the end,
Tyler Howard Brown

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