Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm in a gang.

Yeah so I just joined a gang, and damn does it feel good to be in a gang! Joining a gang was something I never really thought I would do, what with the initiation murders and all, but joining this one was SOOOOOO easy, I just asked my buddy James if I could be in and he said sure. Some of my high school friends and I almost started a gang back at the prep school in Connecticut we went too, but it never really panned out. We were gonna be called "Los Blancos." So the gang I am in now is called "The Latin Bloodcrip Kings" which is sweet cause our name naturally affiliates us with all the major gangs on the east and west coasts so we are welcome on pretty much everybody's turf. These affiliations are also gonna come in handy when we have to defend our own turf cause we don't have any guns or sharp knives yet. What's also cool is that everybody in our gang has jobs so we don't have to rob, murder and steal to get by, but you best believe we could if we needed to!
Our gang colors are purple with yellow. Here is an example of one of the bandanas you might see us wearing:
That bandana is also sweet cause we call women, "Squirrels", so yeah, super sweet bandana, dawg. God you guys, being in a gang is so super awesome! I now feel complete.
So we have a really sweet gang sign too, which is really important for every awesome gang to have. Here it is:
I think it really illustrates just how bad ass we are as a gang, cause what's more bad ass than a five horned, seven eyed goat-man on a cross? Fucking nothing, thats what, bitches. And instead of doing that stupid hand
sign gang shit, we are just gonna
carry around pictures of this guy and flash them at people, and then they will know not to mess with the Latin Bloodcrip Kings cause they must be a really tough, bad ass gang that would prolly really mess you up if you even so much as look at them the wrong way, sucka! Shit, why didn't I join a gang sooner!?!?!?
So right now its just me and James in the gang but I bet if you ask us, we'll prolly let you in the gang as long as you are pretty much as bad ass as we are. Also, you need to be employed cause we don't like having our fellow gang members mooching off us when we go out to the club to holla at all the fine squirrels, boyee.
Thug Life.